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What if thousands of people were willing to collaborate with your company’s marketing challenges?

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Mimoo Loyalty Funnel

All services within Mimoo’s app were designed to solve your company’s challenges, and in order for this to happen, Mimoo was based on the marketing funnel, in which each mission created represents an important stage to lead your brand towards the desired goals.

Mimoo’s platform was designed to engage consumers throughout the costumer journey. Mimoo has developed a technology for each stage of the funnel and has created the concept of “sponsored missions,” which provide points to those who complete the missions.

To finish a mission, users need to play the mission game within the app and devote time and attention in an uninterrupted process!

To learn more about Mimoo’s sponsored mission types, just click on the funnel stages.

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Sponsored Missions

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Mimoo Stores:
The future of experience marketing
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Product review:
Review on websites is an important driver of consideration in e-commerce
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Opinion survey:
Quick insights to improve your business
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The strength of micro-influencers at the service of your brand
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Video Quiz:
Your message received with uninterrupted attention
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Buy and Prove:
Demand generation with proven results

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