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What is Mimoo?

Mimoo is a tech startup that was founded on 6/11/2019 in São Paulo.

Designed as the 1st loyalty program in Brazil, Mimoo’s purpose is to bring joy to people’s daily lives through our brand values: gratitude, empathy, collaboration, and sustainability.

For people, Mimoo wants to be relevant, pleasant, fun, and a part of their consumption routine. For malls, the program’s goal is to generate flow and improve visitor experience. For advertisers and sponsors, Mimoo is a new and more efficient way to do marketing and build a loyalty relationship with consumers.

Program participants are engaged in the Mimoo app. Within it, consumers participate in the Mission Game, and each completed task or activity generates points that are used to reserve and redeem free products at Mimoo’s physical stores located in the malls of São Paulo

How does the app work?

Mimoo’s program is 100% free. To participate, users simply register using their CPF (Individual Taxpayer ID Number) and, if their registration is validated, they gain immediate access to start playing.

The app has three user levels, and users must complete missions within it to level up. The higher the level, the more benefits a user will earn in the program, including early reservation, longer redemption time, and points.

In Mimoo’s program, the greater the engagement, the greater the benefits.

What are the benefits of Mimoo’s program?

The program’s main benefit is the free redemption of consumer goods products.

We believe that people have the right to try new products before deciding to buy them. The products that Mimoo provides as prizes for program users include food, beverages, hygiene and beauty, cosmetics, and home items.

Does Mimoo plan to expand to other markets?

Yes. In the future, Mimoo intends to open stores beyond the city of São Paulo. The idea is to have stores throughout Brazil.

If you’re interested in having Mimoo at a mall in your city, just write to your mall’s Customer Service and ask for Mimoo. Maybe the mall will listen and partner with us to bring Mimoo to your city!

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