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*service available only in the Greater São Paulo area

Mimoo, the loyalty
program with stores
where everything is free!

In the world of Mimoo, all products are free. To participate, just engage in the Mission Game within the app. It’s very simple! Activities include personal quizzes, opinion surveys, taking pictures of products from your home, watching sponsors’ videos, and more. The higher your engagement, the more points you will earn to collect your reward at our stores


Mimoo introduces Gratitude Marketing.

We are a startup
and have created the first loyalty program in Brazil to connect brands and people in a new and fun way!

How does it work?
Join Mimoo!

Through the Mimoo app, you accomplish missions and earn points that are used to redeem free products at our stores.

Mimoo’s platform helps companies
solve marketing and sales challenges
through data, engagement, and collaboration
from thousands of people participating in the program.

Want to be disruptive with us?